New 2018 Peterbilt 567 Super Dump (Super 18 Dump Truck) for Sale
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For sale is a brand new 2018 Peterbilt 567 equipped with a new 7-axle Strong Super Dump system. The Peterbilt truck has a Paccar MX13 engine with 450 horsepower, and an Eaton 8LL transmission, and the Super Dump system includes the Strong IntelliTruck control system with integrated auxilliary axle controls, rear view camera, Everlift automatic power mud flaps, and automatic Smart Tarp. Other options can be added at time of purchase or any time thereafter. We have a four more of these units available.

We also have a few more of these Peterbilt trucks in stock ready to mount a custom Super Dump system (color, axles, body length, body materials, and optional equipment can all be customized).

This Super Dump can weigh up to 80,000 lbs in accordance with the federal bridge formula and in most states, and can carry payloads of over 25 Tons.

Unlike with other typical dump trucks, when buying a Super Dump it's completely justified and affordable to buy a brand new truck like this 2018 Peterbilt -- Because Super Dumps generate the additional revenue to easily pay for the additional cost of a new truck (several times over, with plenty of additional profit remaining).
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