Most Productive Dump Truck for Asphalt Paving
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Increase your asphalt paving production by as much as 34%, and increase profits by even more, by using the most efficient and versatile dump truck that exists, the SuperDump® by Strong Industries.

Super Dumps are unique in the asphalt hauling business, in that they combine big payloads with speed & maneuverability. Other straight dump trucks are limited by bridge laws as to how much weight they can carry, which limits their payloads each trip. So although trucks like tandem dumps and tri-axle dump trucks are quick, their payload are limited to about half what a Super Dump can deliver each trip.

Dump trailers can haul big payloads like a Super Dump, but trailers are notoriously slow and cumbersome backing up to the paver and dumping their loads -- so slow that their bigger payloads are completely squandered by their painfully long dump times.

As this video illustrates, a Super Dump is the best of both worlds: The payloads of trailers, with the quick turnaround times of a short straight truck. The result is maximum production at the asphalt paving site. And higher production rates at the sites means jobs are completed sooner, which means more jobs each week, each month, each year. So that asphalt pavers who use Super Dumps to haul their asphalt get more done, and maximize profits far beyond what's possible with other dump trucks.
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