The Newest Super Dump and Strong Arm Trailing Axle
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The new Super Dump (Superdump) by Strong Industries features an improved, stronger dump body, and a choice of two new trailing axles that provide more stability than ever before.

The Super Dump is a unique dump truck that, equipped with a Strong Arm trailing axle, extends the truck's axle length on command, thereby allowing the truck to carry more gross weight (and bigger payloads) than would be possible otherwise. The Strong SuperDump carries payloads equal to dump trailers. But while dump trailers are cumbersome and slow, the Super Dump can stow all of its auxiliary axles, and it then has the quickness and maneuverability of a short wheelbase tandem dump truck.

The Super Dump outperforms all other dump trucks in productivity and efficiency, because it carries the maximum payloads while maintaining the fastest possible dump and turnaround speed.

Strong Industries has been making dump trucks and Super Dumps for 30 years, and the Strong Arm trailing axle has been proven as the most reliable way to maximize the payload on any dump truck.
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